We have discovered that the majority of people have never had any professional investment advice or worse still have received hopeless investment advice.

Most people obtain their investment advice for “free” and it can be really costly. People need a team that is on their side with their interests at the centre. Remember it is only a good plan if it is implemented.

For over two decades we have helped mum and dad clients devise smart strategies to secure their financial future.We include property investment as a major part of the planning process and are dedicated property mentors having built many client’s property portfolios over the years.

Peter has been buying investment property for clients since the 1990’s.

Why partner with Weraton Consulting?

We do not have any hidden agendas. We only take on clients that we feel that we can add real value in their situation.We are on the clients’ side and will guide you through the process.We like to make things simple so therefore we have set rules. It is essential that the client is willing to take advice. If you follow our investment process you will become very motivated to have your cash-flow work for you.

Elements of Good Investment Advice

  • Target and control discretionary spending.
  • Educate and organise yourself about building wealth.
  • Target the amount of tax you pay.
  • Understand that all investments are not equal.
  • Properly understand why a client has decided to seek advice.
  • Create successful outcomes

Our Team

Peter Wilson – Investment Advisor
Debbie Yewdall – Life Insurance Specialist / Business Manager