Many people are focused on just paying down the  home loan and ignore other far more valuable strategies to grow wealth.The most common problem that people have in trying to pay their home loan off sooner is that they leave it up to themselves. 

Engage a professional that can mentor you and make sure that you stay on track.  Not a call centre, but a real person that you can trust and will be around for the long term. A 30 minute yearly meeting with someone that knows and understands your single largest expense, is simply good planning.  You would spend 30 minutes some days reading a newspaper or social media. 

We need to accelerate this process to ensure a shorter repayment term and additional income for investments. We need to make sure that regular additional contributions are on auto-pilot, not something that is left up to the individual. Have it deducted before you receive it.  This is the best way to solve money issues, no other way comes close.

Systemisation builds discipline into the process.  Anything less than regular direct debits, on top of the minimum mortgage payment will not be as effective.

If all your income is being directed into the Offset account, on a regular basis you are reducing the interest being charged on your home loan. This means your regular repayment is chipping away at the loan Principal, assisting in reducing the term of the loan. 

The old Scout saying of “Count every ounce because every ounce counts” is no truer than when paying off your home loan sooner.